The CrossWALKER is the new generation of the rollator

The CrossWALKER can be used for everyday activities, for exercise and for rehabilitation.
With a CrossWALKER you walk as nature created you

Now you have a chance to change from a traditional walking rollator to a CrossWALKER – a new mobility aid that supports your natural way of walking. The CrossWALKER moves, exercises and maintains the entire body while walking. It keeps the body in an upright, healthy position, unlike the classic rollator, which is known for locking the upper body in an inappropriately stooped position.

An Innovative Aid

A brand new type of mobility aid that supports the body’s natural walking function and movement patterns.

Improved safety

Far too many people fall when using traditional rollators. CrossWalker is designed with walking safety in mind, thanks to the emergency brake feature.

Support and Follow-up

A CrossWALKER is a complete solution and it goes without saying that we provide full support and follow-up. Contact us for more information.

Makes Total Sense

An innovative mobility aid that you can be proud of using

For physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other exercise therapists

For anyone aiming at a stronger body and improved health

Our mission has always been to create the best conditions for anyone needing support in life. Out of respect for the individual, for the body and for safety, the CrossWALKER is now a reality

Crowwsalker - den moderne rollator
Birgitte Vangsgaard with the CrossWALKER

Want to Know More About the CrossWALKER?

The CrossWALKER is now available throughout the country for professionals and individuals alike. Contact us for more information.
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