What Users Say about CrossWALKER


Today I received my CrossWALKER. I’ve been looking forward to it”

“Today I received my CrossWALKER. I’ve been looking forward to it. It’s completely exceeded my expectations. And now I’m tired, because I’ve been walking with it in the garden and it’s given my lungs more exercise than they’ve had in a long time. So I’m tired. But it’s a good tiredness. A really good tiredness that I know will be of great benefit to me. So I have to say that my sense of expectation was justified, because it’s far more valuable than I actually thought it would be. So, I’m happy, and I’m looking forward to getting started both outside and in the garden. So thank you, Birgitte. This is the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time. Now I know my exercise has really started.”




My balance is better and I can move about indoors without a rollator”

“93-year-old Carl goes for walks and exercises with his CrossWALKER 3 times a day. He says: “During the corona crisis I got no exercise, and my walking was really bad. Now I’ve been exercising with the CrossWALKER for a fortnight. My balance is better and I can move about indoors without a rollator. My posture is more upright. The pain in my neck, shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles disappeared after 3-4 days. I gained more weight on my legs and my leg muscles got sore. That disappeared after 8 days. It’s amazing that no one came up with the idea of a CrossWALKER before. CrossWALKER is a brilliant, well-thought-out piece of craftsmanship. I’m very happy with my CrossWALKER.”




I waited for it for 3 years, since 2017, when I first read about Birgitte and the new rollator” 

“It’s so wonderful, because when I go for my first walk in the morning I have pain in my right leg and I’m very spastic. But I only have to walk halfway up the lane or even less than that, and it goes away. Then I don’t have any more pain. Then I can just walk. Then it just goes away. And it’s great to use my arms. You don’t do that with a regular rollator. Then your back gets locked and your lower back gets sore and you stoop when walking. With this, you stand up and you walk like you did in the old days without a rollator. It’s fantastic. To think that I got one! I waited for it for 3 years, since 2017, when I first read about Birgitte and about the new rollator Birgitte had designed, and thought: ‘That would be perfect for me.’ And it is. It could benefit so many people. I don’t think there’s a single rollator user who wouldn’t benefit from this.”

“To begin with, I could walk for 10 minutes with the CrossWALKER. Now, after a fortnight, I can walk for 25-30 minutes. My left leg, which is very spastic, dragged a little behind. Now it doesn’t. I have more energy. My balance, which was almost non-existent, has improved and my centre of gravity has shifted, so walking feels easier when I walk with my CrossWALKER. The cross-walking action has been very effective. When I come home after a walk with my CrossWALKER, I can potter about in the kitchen without support.”




This is one of my best-ever investments”

“I read about CrossWALKER in the newspaper and got interested, because I walk 6-7 kilometres a day. At first I thought it was a bit expensive, but then I thought: For goodness’ sake. What use is money once you die? And I haven’t regretted it for a moment. Mainly because I walk upright all the time and my back pain’s gone. With the old rollator I walked with a stoop, and that was painful. The CrossWALKER really keeps me going, and that makes my family happy.  Using the CrossWALKER, I’m not nearly as tired after going for my walk. The CrossWALKER has a good weight, so it’s directionally stable. Going for a walk in town with my CrossWALKER is fun. Nearly every day people stop me and ask me what it is. Then I simply tell them the whole story.”

Roald, senior - CrossWALKER bruger. Her går han med CrossWALKER
Roald, senior - CrossWALKER bruger. Her står han med CrossWALKER




“The CrossWALKER could become an important exercise tool”

“Following a bicycle accident, my walking function got worse and worse. Using the CrossWALKER and with instructions from my physiotherapist, when I concentrate I can achieve just about normal walking function. So the CrossWALKER could become an important exercise tool for me to prevent faster wear on my body due to my impaired walking.”



CrossWALKER - den nye rollator. Gå som kroppen er skabt til


“I gain upright posture”

“The CrossWALKER is good for movement in the back and arms. I gain upright posture and it gives me a great sense of being able to breathe freely.”

CrossWALKER - den nye rollator. Gå som kroppen er skabt til