CrossWALKER is all about a strong vision for the future

Living as I do in the disabled world with a disabled older sister and a disabled son, it has always been important for me to create the best conditions for those who need support in life. Hence, in addition to my job as a physiotherapist, I have worked as a volunteer to ensure equality for children and young people with disabilities or special needs.

I am passionate about solutions that work in practice and solutions that make a significant difference in a simple way. All of us frequently come across people walking with the use of a mobility aid. Slightly fixed and with no movement in their upper body. Walking like that is no good for the body. In fact it causes pain in the lower back, shoulders and arms. It weakens the muscles and impairs the balance. That is why I thought we could do better.

So I embarked upon the creation of a new mobility aid frame to support the way our body is supposed to walk: with an upright posture and movement in the arms and legs. I call the new mobility aid CrossWALKER. My collaborators and I have made every effort to create a brand new, unique category of mobility aid.

CrossWALKER is now ready. My collaborators and I look forward to seeing the CrossWALKER moving around with individuals maintaining and  exercising their bodies as they walk. This will improve their health in a simple, natural way.

Walking is one of the healthiest forms of physical exercise.

Birgitte Vangsgaard, physiotherapist, mother to a disabled child and the brain behind the CrossWALKER



Want to Know More About the CrossWALKER?

The CrossWALKER is now available throughout the country for professionals and individuals alike. Contact us for more information.