CrossWALKER – Walk with the Correct Posture

The CrossWALKER is a rehabilitation and exercise device for mobility aid users. This results in a natural walking motion with the back in a healthy, straight position.

CrossWALKER - the new generation of the rollator

Natural movement of arms and back

When using the traditional rollator the upper body is immobilized and often slightly bent forward.

CrossWALKER is therefore equipped with HANDLE BARS, which allows the user to walk while moving the upper body and arms. This allows a natural walking pattern with a healthy and straight posture of the back. 

CrossWALKER - the new generation of the rollator

Fall Prevention Brake

It is well known, that users fall with the traditional mobility aid because it “runs” away with them.

Therefore CrossWALKER is equipped with FALL PREVENTION BRAKES, which are released when one or both handles suddenly are pressed downwards. This increases safety when walking the CrossWALKER.

CrossWALKER - the new generation of the rollator

Directional Assistance on front wheels

The traditional rollator is equipped with front wheels, which always meander a little.  

CrossWALKER is therefore equipped with DIRECTIONAL ASSISTANCE ON THE FRONT WHEELS. The wheels can easily be turned to both sides, but are held in an straight forward direction when walking. This stabilizes the direction when walking the CrossWALKER.



Crosswalker Rollator PNG

Requirements for users’ physical capability

Users should be conscious of their own physical capability and then use a CrossWALKER rationally. Users should be in their habitual, general physical and mental state when using a CrossWALKER. The weight of the user must not exceed 130 kg.

Technical Data
Weight incl. Mobilex Walking Frame: 14 kg
Height incl. Mobilex Walking Frame: 117 cm
Width incl. Mobilex Walking Frame: 64 cm

Standards for a CrossWALKER fitted on a Mobilex Walking Frame:
MDD Council Directive 93/42/ECC
MDD 2.4/1 Rev.9 June 2010
MEDDEV 2.1/1 April 1994

With the CrossWALKER you get

  • The possibility to exercise and strengthen the body naturally by yourself, whenever you want – both indoors and outdoors
  • Daily, safe exercise, whenever you have the time or inclination
  • An active tool for exercise, rehabilitation or maintenance training for any length of time