Training Effect

A healthy, stronger body results in good balance and better health. Good health gives us the ability to do more by ourselves in our everyday lives. The CrossWALKER strengthens the entire body by activating its natural walking pattern. Using CrossWALKER you walk at your very best and make the very best use of your body’s resources. The Danish Health Authority recommends exercise – both as prevention and for treatment – vis-à-vis a huge range of ailments and ageing.

Traditional mobility aid versus CrossWALKER



An Innovative Aid that You Can Be Proud of Using

We all know what using a traditional mobility aid looks like. CrossWALKER is used with a straight back and with the whole body in motion. The CrossWALKER is a tool you can be proud of using – whether you are out or at home.

Walking and Exercise Are Beneficial and Effective for the Body’s Health

Research shows that movement and exercise have a preventive and curative effect for a wide range of ailments.
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Want to Know More About the CrossWALKER?

The CrossWALKER is now available throughout the country for professionals and individuals alike. Contact us for more information.